Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Get 30 day no deposit car insurance with bad driving records online offers minimum rates and maximum benefits

Though motor insurance mainly lasts for 12 months, but the one month car insurance quotes allow the car owners to insure their vehicles for the period of 1-28 days. Here are the main reasons why you may need to opt for the short term auto insurance:

 30 day no deposit car insurance

  • Insuring a van while moving home
  • To test drive any new vehicle
  • To insure your relatives or friends on the car
  • While driving a classic car or a sports car
  • Borrowing another car while you are on any holiday
  • In case you don’t use the car often, then considering the one month auto insurance policy will be a more affordable alternative than the annual policy.
Opting for this policy is quite easier than adding a driver to the existing insurance policy and this also takes out the stress if using any other car like as sharing the driving on any long trip or using the car of any friend for a day. The monthly auto insurance policies are available for a complete range of vehicles including cars, vans and Motor-homes.

Another benefit of considering the 30 day car insurance best coverage is that in case the driver meets with any accident while using the vehicle insured with the monthly auto insurance, this will not affect the no claims bonus.

 Apply now to get 30 day no deposit car insurance with bad driving records

Here come the benefits offered by the one month auto insurance policies:
  • Comprehensive and immediate coverage available
  • No risk to the no claims bonus
  • Coverage available from one to 28 days
  • A simple way to add another driver to the coverage
Anyone aged between 21 and 75 can opt for the monthly auto insurance coverage by just meeting the necessary requirements. But often the minimum age to buy this insurance varies on the basis of the type of vehicle that the policy buyer wants to drive.

So, it can be said that with the availability of the comprehensive cheap 30 day car insurance online quotes, the monthly auto insurance coverage will offer you instant coverage with a little hassle. To get more information about the one month car insurance USA, pay a visit to